Alien Fleshlight – Blue Sleeve and Case

alien fleshlight - Add to CartIf you’re fancy with science fiction action in your bed, I’m sure you’ll going to love new ILF product Alien Fleshlight. It’s said that Fleshlight producer got Hard evidence for the existence of Unidentified Fucking Object. It looks like fleshlight but it has got Alien-Blue color. More of that it looks like very strange intergalactic pussy – It got double clitoris of the Alien vagina. If the Spock from Star Trek would know Fleshlights, I’m sure that’s how they could look. Generally speaking if you’re Sci-Fi Freak the double clitoris, toxic blue Alien Fleshlight will satisfy you. The Alien Fleshlight goes with the fancy pearlescent blue Alien sleeve and deep blue outer-case.
alien fleshlight inside