Fleshlight Alien – what is this?

alien by fleshlight

The Alien Fleshlight is an exclusive product from ILF. Alien Fleshlight comes with fantastic deep-blue case and pearlescent toxic Alien Sleeve with extraordinary construction. The entry of this fleshlight is from outer space – it look exactly like vagina with double clitoris. It has got strange color and it really looks like intergalactic pussy. I think this Alien Fleshlight are used in new Hustler porn “This Ain’t Avatar XXX”. The interior construction of Alien Fleshlight is also from outer-planet. The unique Alien texture connects the feel of three of our most popular textures to create one out-of-this-world experience. Mezmerizing textures are connected together to give maximum of sensations. First fleshlight famous Vortex canal than breaking through to a Lotus inverted node and finally goes way to fleshlight most intense texture, the STU. The construction of Alien Fleshlight is unmatched. Every Avatar lover should have one in his collection.alien fleshlight banner